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AJ Riggs- Davis

AJ Riggs- Davis

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Massage Therapist / Aesthetician / Owner
My name is Angela but everybody calls me A.J. I am from a small town in Oklahoma called Poteau. I moved to Hot Springs in 2005 and have been a practicing massage therapist since that time. I also have been licensed as an Aesthetician. I always dreamt of owning my own spa and my parents helped make that dream possible.
With some financial support from my parents, we opened Destinations doors in 2009. It has been very challenging at times but I learn so much and I grow daily.
I thank God for the success and my parents for believing in me. We lost my father to cancer in June of 2010. I often hope he looks down and he is proud of the me and of my dream that he helped me to achieve. In this business we touch many lives, many visitors come to this town and we may never see them again, but our goal is to make their time at Destinations unforgettable and cherished!

Our staff is a compassionate, caring, and well trained. Come see what makes us so different from the other spa’s in town.
We look forward to your visit!

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